Google Voice

June 4th 2011 13:34
Try Google Voice

Google Voice is Google's entry into the world of VOIP - sort of. It's an alternative to the mega-conglomerate Skype. It competes against Skype and Oovoo, and even Vonage and magicJack.
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Call any phone with Google Voice

Google's version is interesting. instead of making calls from your desktop or laptop (which you can do), Google sort of hijacks your phone - your cell phone, home phone, any phone - I'd guess even a Vonage or magicJack phone, too. You place a call on your Google Voice page, your phone rings, you pick it up, and then Google connects to the number you've entered in Google Voice. Interesting.

The only downside I've found is that there's not a good APP for it on my smart phone. If there were, I'd stop downsize my minutes and get rid of texting and do it all through the app. I'd pay decent money for an app that would do all that.

Use JAlbum for Gallery Sites

April 5th 2011 01:33
JAlbum (@

I found JAlbum right after I'd spent 8 hours configuring a WordPress install to show artwork. I had to fight through watermarking to prevent downloads of prints; after I'd spent hours configuring a paypal plugin/widget to make a shopping cart.
jalbum, gallery

Then a friend (some friend!) told me to check out JAlbum. The skins are current, sharp, WOW! The galleries are flash-based, so downloading the images is impossible. There's no comparison.

gallery, jalbum

And paypal is built in to many of the skins. All you have to do is type in your paypal account name, put in a price, and choose print sizes. Simply incredible.
jalbum, free

Did I mention that it's free?! I'm gong to make a donation anyway. And I'm not going to tell any of my customers about it. Ever.


February 3rd 2011 14:00
Virtual "Boxes" "Terminals" and "Appliances"

Like many of you, I have become gradually aware of "virtual" ware. In a world of terminals, clients, and other strange terminology for slimmed down hardware, virtualware has made inroads like never before. Maybe they chose their name wisely. The "virtual" world is a popular place to be. Without "virtual" friends, many of us would be pretty lonely, virtually alone.


Virtualbox is freeware, and it performs well against such giants as VMware and Microsoft's Virtual PC. Installing virtual "boxes" from ISO downloads is a lot cheaper than paying for DVD's and burning, especially when the download somehow goes bad, and the ISO ruins a $1 DVDR. Bummer.

In fact, loading ISO's through Virtualbox is a lot of fun, and it gives users a great way to check out new operating systems, even new software.


Appliances are preloaded boxes that can be downloaded and used immediately. Check out Turnkey. Its list of appliances for download is impressive. In fact, Turnkey's approach to its Linux distro is heavily based on virtual ware, and likely signifies a new trend in OS construction.

This is a random rant for those who think "Prism" is software...
Prisms are "instances" of a browser window. So if you want to have a browser that starts at or gmail, etc., you can find a prism for that. It's interesting that some have begun to use "prism" as if it were software in and of itself. Hit CTRL-L in a prism, and you'll soon see that the prism is just a browser specialized to a certain location.

Virtual Terminals or Clients

Finally, virtual boxes or clients can be installed to a server, (a BlueHost server is recommended - check out these BlueHost coupons for a discount) and terminals or clients can be configured to load the virtual box as if it were their native OS. Cool. I'm going to need to find a gazillion hours to learn and master that. So someone send me an old server to play with. Check out Untangled and VMware's free server OS. This is going to take some time. Fun, though.


December 10th 2010 14:10
Coming Soon!
Partitioning and installing new OS's vs. Virtualization: A Review of VirtualBox and VMware and my recent "virtual" epiphany ...

Web Tools

September 7th 2010 00:44
It's been a while since I've published on this blog. I've gotten a little busy at work, and haven't had time to post much, but that will change soon. With all the changes forthcoming and the new hardware being released, web apps have multiplied exponentially.

More to come soon

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New CRM Suite with Joomla!

July 9th 2010 01:04

To be honest, after using Zoho for a while, and being hooked on Google apps for quite some time, I really wasn't too enthused when an office123 guy messaged me to check it out. But he pricked my ego in just the right place, so I spent a minute there, and then another, and another

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PixLr and Sumo Paint

I recently wrote a piece about Aviary Phoenix. Now, I've found a few other graphic manipulation programs that work equally as well, if not even better. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big Phoenix-fan, but there are a few things it doesn't do very well. Adding drop shadow, for instance, seems non-existent in Phoenix. It's simple in Sumo Paint and Pixlr

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Size Matters

May 7th 2010 19:10
Tablets and Slates Come in All Shapes and Sizes
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WePad Is Plenty Big.

A Chinese iPad clone was released last week. It has USB ports. So does the German-made WePad (Now renamed the WeTab) which was demo'd recently. The WeTab has a SD card slot, too, along with a built-in webcam. Hmmmm. Didn't the public vocally wish for similar functionality in the iPad

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This is one site you need to check out.

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Chinese iPad Clone

April 30th 2010 14:05
If I Had to Choose, I'd Buy the Chinese Clone with USB Ports

Apple missed. And it's gonna cost them. Because demand for the iPad in the US was higher than originally believed, they delayed their release in China

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